Classical Stretch Season 11 - Full Body Mobility

Total run time: 690min. (4 discs) 
Episodes: 30 (23min. each) 
Components: All-Standing, All-Barre, Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor 
Level:  All levels
Pace:  Slow
Language: English

Available in closed captioning

Classical Stretch - Full Body Mobility offers safe and gentle workouts that unlock and rebalance tight muscles, liberate joints and ensure long-term body health. This mobility series is aimed at keeping you feeling young, pain-free and fully mobile—no matter what your age. If you’re active and in shape or just beginning to exercise after a long sedentary period—these simple sequences of exercises will ensure youthful aging and provide a boost of energy, reduce fatigue, stiffness and relieve pain. 

Make Classical Stretch a part of your daily routine in order to rebalance, recondition and maintain full body mobility. 

Release date: 2016 
Filmed at: Grand Palladium Resort & Spa (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

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