Essentrics Certification Level 3 Package

LEVEL 3: Essentrics Flexibility & Therapeutic Exercises 

By the time you begin studying the Flexibility and Therapeutic material of Level 3, you will have completed at least 100 teaching hours and worked with a wide variety of clients including those with tight, weak and injured muscles.  

Full body flexibility is one of the most important features of a healthy pain-free body. Level 3 introduces the healing elements of Essentrics and teaches you how to use our flexibility exercises to unlock your clients' bodies, relieve them of pain and tension, and help heal common chronic conditions. Our systematic approach to increasing the full range of motion of every joint is valuable for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

What you will learn in this level:

  • Over 50 variations of flexibility exercises and sequences on the floor, standing, and on a barre / with a chair that target every muscle group of the body  
  • Application of anatomy and physiology and in-depth exploration of fascia, connective tissue and muscle chains in relation to flexibility and mobility  
  • How to create balanced flexibility sequences that systematically work through muscle chains to unlock your joints and relieve tension and pain 
  • Modifications and training on how to use accessible, inexpensive equipment to adapt exercises for any clientele (from seniors to athletes). These include risers/blocks, resistance bands/straps, barre/chair. 
  • A deeper understanding of the neuromuscular system and its role in pain management and reversal  
  • Refinement of your application of techniques specifically for pain relieving, therapeutic and flexibility purposes for the most beginner to the most advanced clientele 
  • Leading causes of chronic conditions and how to help manage and relieve their symptoms through Essentrics flexibility exercises (including back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, osteoporosis) 
  • How our flexibility exercises simultaneously strengthen your muscles to achieve maximum mobility through the entire muscular skeleton 


Upon completion of this level: 

  • You will be equipped to evaluate and help your students’ flexibility, mobility and healing needs in a general way. For those who specifically want to delve deeper into healing techniques, it is important that you attend our Level 3 Live Teacher Training. 
  • You will have a repertoire of standing, floor and barre/chair sequences designed to improve flexibility, mobility and promote healing 
  • You will be able to expand your repertoire of classes and teach specialized workouts to a more diverse clientele in wider settings (seniors, barre studios) and offer full-standing and chair/barre workouts  
  • You will be equipped to evaluate your students’ flexibility potential and apply the appropriate exercises and techniques to achieve their specific goals

Instructor title: 

  • If you chose the general certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 3 
  • If you chose the Aging Backwards certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Aging Backwards Instructor Level 3  
  • If you chose to  pursue both tracks, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 3, Aging Backwards Level 3