Essentrics Certification Level 4 Package

LEVEL 4: Essentrics Strengthening Exercises  

You will experience untapped strength and vitality in Level 4. You will learn that our powerful method of strengthening is not detrimental to flexibility. Our low-impact, equipment-free approach uses the body’s own weight as the force of resistance and is safe and effective for all fitness levels. 

Upon completion of the first three levels, you will have become familiar with the power of the Essentrics techniques. What you have learned so far is the multitude of benefits that Essentrics can deliver: it can heal, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, relieve pain, reverse chronic conditions and reshape the body. In this final level you will learn how and why Essentrics strengthens the muscles as well as the importance of strength and what impact it has to our bodies on a cellular level.  


What you will learn in this level:

  • Over 50 variations of strengthening exercises and sequences on the floor, standing, and on a barre / with a chair that target every muscle group of the body
  • Application of Level 3’s flexibility theory towards eccentric strength techniques
  • The function and importance of muscle strength down to a cellular level and how this relates to topics such as healthy aging, weight-loss and control, body shaping, pain-relief, athletic performance, overall energy, mobility, and more.  
  • Practical application of anatomy towards targeting and recruiting the correct muscles during Essentrics strengthening exercises 
  • Why and how Essentrics improves cardiovascular health and increases our metabolism  
  • How to use Essentrics to gently reverse atrophy and recover lost mobility  
  • Why Essentrics is a proven successful training program for athletes in all sports 

Upon completion of this level: 

  • You will be able to create and structure your own Essentrics workouts for any clientele, objective and class time-length  
  • You will teach at a higher caliber and be able to offer classes to more specific populations (professional athletes, rehabilitation, etc.) 
  • You will be well-versed in strengthening and toning exercises on the barre / with a chair, which are highly in demand at fitness studios and with athletes 

 Instructor title: 

  • If you chose the general certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 4 
  • If you chose the Aging Backwards certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Aging Backwards Instructor Level 4  
  • If you chose to  pursue both tracks, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 4, Aging Backwards Level 4