SOLD OUT | Pre-Choreographed Workout 14 Workshop | November 4th, 2021

Pre-Choreographed Workout 14 Virtual Workshop

Educator: Gail Garceau
Language: English
Date: November 4th, 2021
Time: 1:30-4:30pm EDT
Duration: 3h
Participants: 23
A minimum of 10 participants must be registered for the workshop to be held.

For whom: Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 Instructors - Comprehensive Certification Track

Price in USD: $120.00

*Essentrics reserves the right to have a substitute Educator teach the workshop if the scheduled Educator is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. This change may be made without notice. Please know that we always make every effort to hold our events as planned.

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As an Essentrics instructor, you’re passionate about transforming your students’ health and helping them unlock their body a bit more with every class. But sometimes you might see your students (or yourself!) progressing and then plateauing, and you don’t know how to break through to the next level. Sound familiar? Then this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for!

Join Master Trainer Gail Garceau to discover her brand-new Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW) 14 and learn how to challenge your students to progress with every class through proper form, alignment and positioning. PCW 14 is designed to bring awareness to the spine, core and upper back to reinforce stability while improving range of motion and posture. Featuring new exercise variations to target the legs and glutes, PCW 14 includes over 90 minutes of standing, floor and barre exercises.

Main Goal: Improve Posture and Reinforce Stability while Increasing Range of Motion

This workshop will focus on the essential elements from each segment of PCW 14 (standing, floor and barre) to deepen your understanding and jumpstart your learning. This workshop will also address the key vocabulary, common mistakes and effective cues associated with each exercise in PCW 14 to ensure that your students follow along safely and achieve faster results. We will also break down some of the more complex exercise variations so that you feel confident introducing these exercises to your students. By the end of this interactive workshop, you will have new tools to help your students gain body awareness in order to create lasting benefits beyond the scope of your class.

To optimize your workshop experience, we recommend you start learning PCW 14 before the workshop.

The maximum of 23 participants allows for personalized attention and corrections.  

Feel connected, supported and inspired! Jumpstart learning Pre-Choreographed Workout 14 and get ready to teach a brand-new engaging, safe and highly effective Essentrics routine in no time. This is a live online workshop you can follow from your home. Spots are limited – sign up now to secure yours.

What is included in this workshop?

  • 30-minute non-stop class (PCW 14 Standing segment) taught by Gail Garceau using recommended music
  • Posture & alignment breakdown with personalized feedback
  • Detailed 30-minute breakdown of the Floor segment
  • Detailed 30-minute breakdown of the Barre segment

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Certified L1 or higher
  • Eager to work on your proper form and alignment
  • Seeking to increase your knowledge of correct alignment & positioning and how to cue to support these objectives
  • Interested in improving your teaching skills
  • Excited to learn a new PCW designed to improve posture and strengthen the core
  • Keen to learn new exercise variations to target the legs and glutes
  • Want to offer an optional Barre routine to your students