SOLD OUT | Understanding & Creating Balanced Workouts Virtual Workshop | June 9, 2021

Understanding & Creating Balanced Workouts Virtual Workshop

Educator: Amanda Cyr
Language: English
Date: June 9, 2021
1 p.m. – 4 p.m. EDT
Duration: 3 hours
Max participants: 30
For whom: Level 3 or Level Certified Essentrics Instructors

Price in USD: $120.00 with 20% COVID-19 Discount for $94.99

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As a Level 3 or Level 4 certified instructor, you have probably taught countless Essentrics classes to a wide variety of students, using the Pre-Choreographed Workouts to rebalance the body and help people feel results fast. Now you are working towards building your own personalized Essentrics workouts (and if you are Level 4 certified you may have already done so!).

Starting to design your own Essentrics workout can feel daunting. Where do you start? How do you know that you are in fact balancing the entire body? How can you offer your students the results they are seeking? How do you strike the right balance between flexibility & strength, mobility & stability, relaxation & resistance – for your students as well as within your own body?

Understand what makes a balanced Essentrics workout and how to create your own

There is nothing like joining our live, interactive workshops to make your Essentrics training come to life. This workshop focuses on understanding balance within your workouts, balance in sequencing and proper use of techniques to create new personalized Essentrics workouts that are safe, fun and highly effective.

The maximum of 30 participants allows for personalized attention and corrections.

Learn from our trainers and fellow advanced teachers and share your experiences.

Feel connected, supported and get your creative juices flowing to bring your own Essentrics workout to life! This is a live online workshop you can follow from your home.

Spots are limited – sign up now to secure yours.

Whats included in this workshop?

  • Understand the science behind the Pre-Choreographed Workouts
  • The process of designing a workout, where to start and how to ensure no area of the body is over- or underworked
  • Learn to tailor workouts to meet personalized and specific objectives
  • Find out how to strike the correct balance between strength & flexibility, mobility & stability, fast twitch slow twitch muscles, and relaxation & resistance to achieve better results
  • How to assess your own body and rediscover your personal sense of balance as your body changes and evolves by teaching Essentrics to others
  • Grow your client base by building unique and creative classes that will both keep you and your students motivated and engaged
  • Group conversation to share experiences and connect with your fellow advanced teachers
  • A mini break
  • Personalized corrections 

This workshop is for you, if you are:

  • A Level 3 or Level 4 certified Essentrics instructor with significant experience teaching Essentrics
  • Eager to take your current Essentrics class and understanding of balancing the body to the next level
  • Looking for guidance in how and where to start when building Essentrics workouts
  • Seeking inspiration and advice on building personalized workouts with a specific objective
  • Interested in evolving your own Essentrics practice to stay balanced within your own body
  • Looking for motivation, tips & support from and connection with the Essentrics teacher community

Keen to grow your client base, keeping them (and yourself) motivated and engaged with unique workouts tailored to their needs