Essentrics Comprehensive Certification Level 1 Package

LEVEL 1: Principles of the Essentrics Program

Level 1 lays the foundation for your 4-level instructor training. You will gain a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, principles, objectives, techniques, anatomy and physiology of the Essentrics program.  

The fastest way to understand the theory behind our technique is to put it into practice. The first priority of Level 1 is for you to learn to teach your first one-hour Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW), experience the results in your own body, and begin to understand the flow and formula of the Essentrics method.  The second objective is to introduce you to everything you’ll be learning in the next three levels. 

What you will learn in this level: 

  • How to correctly perform each exercise sequence in PCW1 with a basic application of techniques and understanding of objectives  

  • Why a deliberate sequencing of exercises and techniques is vital to rebalancing the full body, and an introduction to the formula we developed to achieve this objective 

  • The science behind Essentrics and the elements that make it a unique workout program 

  • Practical teaching tips, verbal cues, pacing and imagery to guide your students through a safe, efficient, enjoyable class  

  • Easy-to-apply exercise modifications  

  • Brief introduction to anatomy  

  • How to create your PCW1 class playlist with provided songs and complete playlist suggestions, online audio workshops and musicality pointers 

Upon completion of this level 

Upon completion of this level: 

You will have the qualification and skills to teach general Essentrics group classes in a variety of fitness centres. 

  • You will gain access to our library of Pre-Choreographed Workouts which you must teach until you are fully certified  
  • You may choose the best suited Pre-Choreographed Workouts to teach for your desired clientele