Essentrics Certification Level 2 Package (Comprehensive & Aging Backwards tracks)

LEVEL 2: Essentrics Trademark Exercises 

You will enter Level 2 with lots of teaching practice from Level 1 and a basic understanding of class flow and techniques. We recommend learning one more Pre-Choreographed Workout before diving into the Level 2 theory.  

Essentrics Trademark exercises are considered the most challenging aspect of every Essentrics workout. They involve large, fully body standing movements that focus on deep strengthening of the spine and core. These sequences are unique to Essentrics and are scientifically designed to rebalance the entire body’s musculature and decompress the spine while working through muscle chains, improving posture and relieving back pain. 

Level 2 will teach you the elements that make up our Trademark sequences and just how to deliver these incredible results. In this level, you will be learning 33 unique trademark exercises, transitions and positions. These are the building blocks of the Essentrics program. 

What you will learn in this level:

  • How to go from mimicking the movements in our Trademark sequences—to understanding their purpose and rebalancing power. You will learn how these full body exercises work at the deepest level to unlock tight joints and muscles and transform the overall shape and health of your entire body.  
  • A thorough breakdown of the exercises, transitions and positions that provide the building blocks of Essentrics Trademark sequences 
  • How to create a well-balanced 5-7 minute Trademark sequence using our formula and provided charts to ensure safety, efficiency and guaranteed results 
  • Anatomy focused on the musculature and movements of the spine 
  • How to apply different techniques within Trademarks to achieve tailored objectives to meet the individual needs of your clientele (anti-aging, athletic performance, tension release, toning, etc.) 
  • Teaching skills to enrich the class experience for your students; such as development of musicality and imagery and mastering the speed of your movements 
  • How to address common mistakes and offer modifications 

Upon completion of this level:

You will teach and get your students to move with deliberate purpose. You will understand why and how our Trademark sequences work at the deepestlevel to unlock tight joints and strengthen the muscles of the torso to deliver astonishing full-body changes. This knowledge will become part of your foundation as an Essentrics Instructor and is fundamental if you desire to work with specialty populations including seniors and athletes, and the millions of people who suffer from pain and injury. 

Instructor title:

  • If you chose the general certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 2 
  • If you chose the Aging Backwards certification track, your title is now: Essentrics Aging Backwards Instructor Level 2  
  • If you chose to  pursue both tracks, your title is now: Essentrics Instructor Level 2, Aging Backwards Level 2