Pre-Choreographed Workout 14: Core Strengthening & Leg Shaping (with downloadable music)

Pre-Choreographed Workout 14 with Gail Garceau

Released: Summer 2021
Includes 90 min. of songs to build your playlist!
DVD + Handbook + Music Tracks

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  • Strengthen the Core
  • Shape the Legs
  • Increase Energy

This Pre-Choreographed Workout includes over 90 minutes of content to offer your students a variety of Standing, Floor and Barre (chair) routines. With an emphasis on core strength, this workout will help you teach your students how to support correct posture and alignment as they transition throughout various exercises and positions. Some of the sequences featured in this PCW offer additional exercise variations and repetitions so that you can challenge your students as they build their strength and mobility over time.

This PCW offers the following class workout variations:

  • 30 minute Standing workout
  • 45 minute Standing & Floor workout
  • 45 minute Standing & Barre workout
  • 60 minute Standing & Floor workout
  • 60 minute Standing, Floor & Barre workout
  • 60 minute Standing & Barre workout