Pre-Choreographed Workout 9: Age Reversing Essentrics (with downloadable music)

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Includes 60 minutes of songs to build your playlist

Relieve tension and pain from all joints
Liberate spine, shoulders, hips
Teach body awareness
Increase energy by unlocking & strengthening feet & legs
This 1 hour workout is composed of standing and floor work.


Main Focus: To gently increase full-body mobility and strength, liberate stiff joints (big and small), relieve chronic aches and pains, and improve overall health.

Population: Great for seniors, people who are starting to exercise after a long sedentary period, recovering from injuries, are in pain / suffer from chronic conditions (arthritis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, etc.).

Difficulty level: A slow pace, beginner class for a general Essentrics Aging Backwards / Essentrics Release & Restore group

Exercise breakdown:


Trademark: Gentle, thorough spinal sequence with a focus on unlocking shoulders.

Side to side Lunges: Slow, controlled lunges with arm reaches to rebalance the Top 3 and strengthen core.

Feet & hip strengtheners: Toe & foot articulation that will free up the entire body and improve balance. Ankle strengtheners with hip isolation.

Plié Sequence: Focus on liberating the hips and stretching the groin while strengthening the quads and glutes. Includes arm reaches for ribs & low back stretch.

Quad, psoas & hip release: Stretch for quads & psoas, hip cleaners.

Hands & Arms: Focus on fingers and hands with wrist mobility to improve circulation and release tension in the joints through PNF. Gentle arm pumps.

Calf Sequence: This includes work for the feet & toes with an Achilles tendon, calf and hamstring stretch for full lower body flexibility. Bicycle for balance, hip mobility and core strength.

Trademark #2: Shoulder release & windmill sequence works the rotation of the spine. Excellent for frozen shoulder, core stability and posture.


Abs: One-legged bicycle to strengthen abdominals.

Stretch sequence: Thorough stretch sequence for the lower back, hips, IT band, long adductor.

Final Release: Gentle standing movements for the neck, ribs and spine

This one-hour workout is composed of 45 minutes standing + 15 minutes floor work.

DVD+Handbook+Music Tracks
Released: Winter 2015

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