Pre-Choreographed Workout 3: Slenderizing

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Strengthen and release tension in back
Deep strengthening and stretching in feet/calves/shins
A focus on isolation in hips and toning for legs
This 1 hour workout is composed of standing and floor work.

This is a slenderizing routine that introduces new trademark movements not seen in PCW 1 and 2. These fluid and fun movements will elongate the muscles while increasing flexibility. Emphasis on legs – equally strengthening and slenderizing with a deep final stretch. The DVD includes valuable advice and tips from Miranda about how to increase your teaching quality, how to get the most out of your students and get them to find the stretch while addressing the functionality of our dynamic workout.

Exercise breakdown:


Trademark: Short and long lever stretches at three heights with figure 8’s, side-to-side reaches and table washes. To improve posture, reduce upper back pain and stress, increase shoulder range of motion

Pliés: Increases energy, rebalances big 4. Plays with speed. Nice groin and adductor stretch.

Arms: Includes forward dives that feel great for the upper back, shoulder rotations and ball throws to work through forearms, wrists and increase circulation.

Essentrics side-to-side twists: Works rotation of spine while strengthening and slenderizing abs and waist. Diagonal front lunges with arm raises. Great for inner thighs and groin.

Trademark: Embrace a ball into a hamstring stretch, spinal rolls, wipes and windmills for a sequence that will achieve maximum mobility of the spine, open pecs and stretch rhomboids.

Clock kicks: Strengthens balance reflexes, abdominals and muscles of spine. Includes pointed and flexed foot kicks with squash lunges to stretch shins, psoas, quads and strengthen feet.

Long adductor stretch: Last standing sequence for a thorough stretch.


Sit-ups: Strengthens abdominal muscles.

Side-leg-lifts: Strengthens muscles of hips. Sequence including squares, circles, isolated glute work and original front kicks.

Quad raisers: Lifts and alphabet to stretch and strengthen the shin and calf and really thin out quads.

Pretzel sequence: Deep quad and psoas stretch into torso, ribs and glutes with cross-legged hip stretch.

Floor stretches: Lying on the floor for a hamstring PNF + baby stretch

Seated: Back strengthener sequence plus row the boat with sweeps to stretch spine, hips and hamstrings. Releases tension in the upper back and shoulders. Finishes with stress releasing neck stretches.

"Slenderizing Routine" is a slenderizing routine that introduces new trademark movements not see in Pre-co 1 and 2 such as short and long lever stretches and clock kicks. These fluid and fun movements will elongate the muscles while increasing flexibility. The workout is composed of standing and floor work.

Released: Summer 2011

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