Essentrics Stretch Series Vol.1 DVD

Total run time: 90min. (1 disc)
3 workouts (30min. each)
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre
Host: Master Trainers - Gail Garceau, Meg Feeney and Amanda Cyr
Level:  Beginner
Pace:  Slow
Language: English

Eliminate joint pain, unlock tight muscles, and rebalance your entire body with these easy-to-follow Essentrics workouts. The combination of standing, floor, and barre routines are effective for all fitness levels.  Filmed in beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica with Miranda’s team of Master Instructors.  

Tension Release Workout  (standing & barre – 30min. ) 
with Master Trainer, Meg Feeney  
This easy-to-follow stretch routine combines standing and barre/chair work to unlock your muscles from head to toe. Effective for all fitness levels—this workout will help relieve chronic pain and tension in your back, hips and knees. 
Joint Pain Relief Workout  (standing & barre – 30min.) 
with Master Trainer, Gail Garceau  
Eliminate joint pain caused by muscle imbalances with this slow-paced Essentrics workout. Designed to release any tension or stiffness in the body—this combination of standing and barre/chair exercises will systematically work through and unlock tight shoulders, hips, hamstrings and lower back muscles.   
Full Body Deep Stretch Workout  (standing & floor – 30min.) 
with Master Trainer, Amanda Cyr  
Rebalance your entire body with a series of slow and deep stretches focused on unlocking and releasing any tight, stressed muscles. This full body workout combines movement with specific techniques that will challenge your mobility level and help enhance your sense of body awareness—after just 30 minutes.

Release date: 2018 
Filmed at: Round Hill Hotel & Resorts (Montego Bay, Jamaica)

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