Boost Your Brain Health with Miranda Virtual Workshop | L3 & L4 Instructors | May 7th, 2021

Boost Your Brain Health with Miranda Virtual Workshop | L3 & L4 Instructors 

Educator: Miranda Esmonde-White
Language: English
Date: May 7, 2021
p.m. – 3 p.m. EDT
Duration: 2 hours
Max participants: 23
For whom: Level 3 or Level 4 Certified Essentrics Instructors

Price in USD: $126.00 with 20% COVID-19 Discount for $99.99

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As an experienced Essentrics instructor, you will have felt and noticed the remarkable results from Essentrics, both the visible and the invisible ones. Feeling and being vibrant, agile and alive is as much a result of the body getting fitter as the brain becoming healthier. Yes, thats right – Essentrics boosts brain health and function! Knowing is one thing, but really understanding and being able to apply this knowledge in your classes is another. How do you introduce and explain brain health to your students? Which exercises and technique give the best results? And are you doing them correctly?

Learn from Miranda how Essentrics boosts your brain health – exclusively for L3 & L4 teachers

Enjoy this unique opportunity to work with Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White. Discover how Essentrics helps build new brain cells and strengthens brain function. In this live, interactive online workshop Miranda will take you through an inspiring lecture and a full class, focusing on brain-boosting techniques and exercises. She will cover similar material as in the December 2020 workshop, but this workshop is aimed at answering your questions and giving you personalized feedback. With a maximum of 23 participants, this is your chance to work closely with Miranda to help you grow as an Essentrics teacher. Feel connected, supported and empowered!

This is a live online workshop you can follow from your home.

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Whats included in this workshop?

  • Lecture on how and why gentle, full-body exercise plays such an important role in building new brain cells
  • Unique opportunity to work with Miranda in a personal, more intimate setting
  • Discover techniques and exercises that help stimulate and strengthen brain function
  • Enjoy a full brain-boosting class with Miranda
  • Get personalized feedback and have the opportunity to ask Miranda your questions
  • Learn how to incorporate this brain-boosting knowledge into your L3 or L4 exam
  • Understand the science behind the Pre-Choreographed Workouts
  • Grow your client base by introducing brain health into your Essentrics classes

This workshop is for you, if you are:

  • A Level 3 or Level 4 certified Essentrics instructor
  • Eager to take your Essentrics classes to the next level with brain-boosting techniques
  • Keen to work with Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White
  • Interested in evolving your Essentrics practice for your own brain health
  • Excited to learn more about the benefits of Essentrics for lifelong health
  • Getting ready for your L3 or L4 exam
  • Looking for motivation, tips & support from and connection with Miranda and the Essentrics teacher community