Essentrics Barre Workout DVD

Total run time: 60min. (1 disc) 
5 workout combinations  
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Host: Sahra Esmonde-White 
Level:  Beginner to Intermediate
Pace:  Slow to Medium
Language: English/French

Barre/chair work has been a main component of the Essentrics workout since its inception. It allows your muscles to strengthen and stretch at more effective angles, resulting in deeper stretches, higher muscle engagement, and more targeted and elongated toning. 
Intuitive and balanced, the Essentrics Barre Workout features a variety of tailor-made combinations. 

Individual Workout segments: 

1. Standing: abs, waist, arms and posture (15min.) 
2. Floor Toning: thigh and quad thinning (9min.) 
3. Floor Stretch: hips, back and hamstrings (7min.) 
4. Barre Toning: legs, butt and tricep toning (15min.) 
5. Barre Stretchcomplete hip, back and lower body stretch (15min.) 

Pre-mixed Workouts (from segments): 

1. Power Full Body Tone: Standing & Barre Toning (30min.) 
2. Thigh Thinning WorkoutStanding, Floor Toning & Barre Toning (40min.) 
3. Full Body, Hips & Back StretchStanding & Barre Stretch (30min.) 
4. Hips, Back & Hamstring Stretch: Standing, Floor Stretch & Barre Stretch (37min.) 
5. Full Body Barre Workout: Toning & Stretching Workout (60min.) 

  Pre-mixed workouts 1 & 2 are for toning, strengthening, weight-loss, posture improvement, and help with osteoporosis prevention and reversal. Pre-mixed workouts 3 & 4 are for pain-relief, flexibility and healing. 

Filmed at: Montreal Science Centre 
Release date: 2014

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