Miranda's Top Picks DVD Bundle

Total run time:  1233min. (4 discs)  
43 workouts  (18 x 23min.), (3 x 23min.) , (30 x 23min.), (2 x 30min) 
Components: Standing, Floor, and Barre
Level:  Beginner to Intermediate
Pace:  Slow to Medium
Language: English 

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Enjoy this exclusive gift bundle with Miranda’s favourite  Essentrics  and  Classical Stretch routines!  Follow along with Miranda and her team of Master Trainers in a selection of new full-body workouts, filmed in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Bermuda.

This DVD Bundle includes the following: 

Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards (30 x 23min. workouts)
This season of Classical Stretch uses simple science to help you take control of your body’s aging process. Every workout in this series will work your full body – activating each of your muscle cells and loosening any tight connective tissue. These routines will effectively fight the aging process whilst relieving pain, loosening and lubricating your joints, and maintaining your strength, posture, balance, and mobility.  

Classical Stretch Season 13: Core Strengthening (18 x 23min. workouts) 
Every workout in this 18-episode series of Classical Stretch will stretch and strengthen your core, activate and elongate every muscle in your body, and loosen and lubricate your connective tissue. 

Essentrics Aging Backwards Connective Tissue Workouts (2 x 30min. workouts)
Our connective tissue is a fascinating biological fabric that surrounds every inch of our body; every organ, nerve, bone, and muscle cell. This means that an imbalance or stiffness in one part of your connective tissue will be felt throughout the rest your body. Each of these workouts will systematically work through each layer of your connective tissue, leaving your body rebalanced, pain free, and full of energy.

Rebalance and Reboot Your Body (3 x 23min. workouts)
This series of 3 full-body workouts will improve your posture, unlock and liberate all 360 joints, and release tension throughout your entire body.