Pre-Choreographed Workout 10: Shoulder Release & Mobility (with downloadable music)

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Full Body Trademark sequences and Targeted Toning Exercises. Includes 60 min. of songs to build your playlist!

Improve shoulder mobility
Strengthen the core
Tone the glutes
This 1-hour workout is composed of standing, floor and barre work.

Note: This PCW offers the following workout variations:

60 min Standing & Floor
60 min Standing, Floor & Barre
45 Standing & Barre
45 Standing & Floor
30 min Standing

Main Focus: Shoulder release & mobility + core and glute toning.

Population: This workout offers a nice combination of release and strengthening exercises to appeal to a wide range of clientele

Difficulty level: Easy to follow exercises that can be modified to increase intensity.

Exercise breakdown:


Trademark: Shoulder release and full body mobility

Plies Sequence: Waist and core-focused sequence including ankle and feet strengthening

Arms: Isolated arm toning followed by bow & arrows + side-to-side lunges

Calf Sequence: This includes psoas, quad, and musketeers bow for full lower body flexibility.

Trademark #2: Windmill variation, with a focus on waist and core strengthening.


Floor Work: Glutes, abs and hip toning exercises, along with a spinal sequence to strengthen the core and flatten the stomach.

Stretch: Lower back and hip release along with a row the boat variation.


Barre Work: Glute toning at the barre

Barre Stretch: Big four barre release

DVD+Handbook+Music Tracks
Released: Winter 2017

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