SOLD OUT | Working with Private Clients | September 30th, 2021

Working with Private Clients

Educator: Gail Garceau
Language: English
Date: September 30th, 2021
Time: 1:30-3:30pm EDT
Duration: 2h
Participants: 30
A minimum of 10 participants must be registered for the workshop to be held.

For whom: Level 3 & 4 Certified Essentrics Instructors

Price in USD: $80.00

*Essentrics reserves the right to have a substitute Educator teach the workshop if the scheduled Educator is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. This change may be made without notice. Please know that we always make every effort to hold our events as planned.

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Now you’re a Level 3 or Level 4 Certified Instructor; you have all the essential knowledge and skills to judge imbalances in the body, give exercise modifications and use techniques effectively. You will have taught many Essentrics group classes at this point and are feeling ready to expand your offering and develop a new client group: private clients.

Set yourself up to meet and exceed the expectations of this exciting new clientele with this informative lecture-style workshop hosted by Master Trainer Gail Garceau.

How will you build your online and in-person private training sessions? Where will you find clients and how will you keep them with you? How do you design Essentrics private training sessions tailored to the needs of your various clients so that they will achieve their fitness and wellness goals? Join this workshop to find out.

Main Goal: Develop your private training sessions

Working with students one-on-one is a personally and professionally rewarding experience that will take your teaching skills to the next level. It’s a great way to help students with specialized needs, who are new to Essentrics, or who want to develop their practice with Essentrics. From you, clients will benefit from direct feedback on their alignment, options for exercise modifications, cueing for exercise intensity and motivation to stick to a consistent workout plan. Whether via Zoom or in person, private training sessions allow you to offer a tailored approach that will help your students achieve their goals faster and more effectively. This workshop will show you how to create an enriching private class experience that is unique with every session.

What is included in this workshop?

  • Finding private clients and keeping them with you
  • Breakdown of an Essentrics private class format
  • How to select the right workouts to help your students achieve their goals and stay motivated
  • How to work with different types of private clients: athletes, seniors, general fitness, etc.
  • Overview of suggested scheduling, pricing and follow-ups to promote client retention
  • How to optimize online vs. in-person training
  • Answers and clarifications to any questions you might have