Classical Stretch Season 13 - Core Strengthening Series

$ 35.99 USD

Total run time: 414 min. (3 discs)
Episodes: 18 (23min. each) 
Components: All-Standing, All-Barre, Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor 
Level: Intermediate
Pace: Medium
Language: English

Available in closed captioning

Every workout in this 18-episode series of Classical Stretch® will stretch and strengthen your core, activate and elongate every muscle in your body, and loosen and lubricate your connective tissue.  

Having a strong and flexible core is vital to our overall health; it has been shown to help prevent and reduce back pain, improve stability and balance, prevent injuries, and is vital to your posture and overall body shape. Your core muscles act as scaffolding surrounding your midsection; keeping your body upright, protecting your spine, and housing and protecting all of your vital organs. Having a strong and flexible core will help you to look & feel young by improving your posture and muscle tone while stabilizing and powering your movements – making it easier to do any physical activity safely and efficiently. In just 23 minutes a day, you’ll build a healthy range of motion and strength in your core, arms, shoulders, neck, hips, and legs!   

Each episode will gently strengthen your core and full-body in a safe, accessible, and intelligent way – helping to improve your posture, and leaving you feeling strong, pain free, and balanced. 

Release date: 2020 
Filmed at: Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa Bermuda  

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