Essentrics Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners: Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD

$ 15.99 USD

Total run time: 70min. (1 disc)
2 workouts (30min. each), Bonus “How-To” Clips (10min.) 
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre 
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White 
Level:  Beginner
Pace:  Slow
Language: English

Get the Essentrics workouts from Miranda’s New York Times bestselling book and award-winning PBS documentary, Aging Backwards®. Find out how to repair and reverse the effects of aging in only 30 minutes a day!

These two gentle, full-body workouts will improve mobility and provide relief for stiff joints, frozen shoulder and chronic aches and pains. No matter your age or fitness level—these workouts are a great place to start for those who are starting to exercise after a long sedentary period. 

Mobility Workout (standing & floor - 30 min.)
One of the most obvious physical signs of aging is our level of mobility. Low mobility can mean difficulty with daily tasks and movements that once seemed simple. Reduced mobility also limits us from doing some of our favorite activities. Feel and look younger by increasing your range of motion with this easy-to-follow, full-body Essentrics workout. 

Bone Strengthening Workout (standing and barre - 30 min.)  
As we age, our bones can become weak and brittle. This slow-paced, beginner workout will pump blood into your bones and throughout your entire body. The Essentrics technique strengthens and protects your bones through mild, yet effective, movement.

Release date: 2015 
Filmed at: Montreal Science Centre 

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