Aging Backwards® Fast Track

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Aging Backwards®: Fast Track
6 Ways in 30 Days to Look and Feel Younger 

by New York Times Bestselling Author, Miranda Esmonde-White

Grow Younger Now with Miranda’s powerful NEW 30-day Fast Track Plan—an easy-to-follow formula made up of six clearly-defined steps that make age reversal faster, smarter and more effective! 

Miranda’s latest book was inspired by all the incredible transformations experienced by people doing our 30-day health challenges. Combined with new findings on the power of movement to reverse and prevent the signs of aging—this book will inspire you to keep moving. 

She spent decades working with thousands of students and scientists, learning how to effectively integrate the science of biology, kinesiology, and anatomy into an easy-to-follow safe and effective fitness program. With minimal investment, you’ll begin to notice these age-reversing benefits, including enhanced core strength, pronounced muscle tone, increased flexibility, and weight loss. The secret to this month-long daily plan lies in the scientifically-designed, gentle, and pain-free movements that reboot not only your musculoskeletal system but every other system in the body. 

Our joints and bodies are designed to be pain-free well into our nineties, but the reality is that most people’s aren't. The natural flow in these exercise sequences aims to return the joints and muscles into a strong, pain-free state.  

As we age, we are equally concerned with maintaining healthy brains. It turns out that exercise plays a major role in sustaining and building neurons and synapses. Not all exercise has the ability to rebuild neurons. We have to do specific brain-challenging movements as we exercise to keep the brain sharp and prevent decline. By combining complex movements and visualization, the Fast Track plan deliberately stimulates your brain to keep it sharp as you age. 
Aging Backwards® is a way of life -- Miranda’s life-changing plan will fast track your way to a healthy, pain-free, and vibrant life!  

In her book, you’ll discover... 

  • Your personal aging story and how past health issues may be affecting your present state of health. 
  • How to recharge your brain and avoid cognitive decline. 
  • The best way to keep your macro and micro muscle groups equally balanced  
  • Why “relaxation is the new strengthening” and helps recruit more muscles to rapidly grow stronger. 
  • The foolproof way of exercising without fear of injury or body damage 
  • How to reboot your muscles, bones, and connective tissue with an intuitive 30-minutes a day – 30-day health challenge.  
  • The solid science behind creating a long-lasting habit of exercising regularly.   

Get your copy and start Aging Backwards® today! 

Author: Miranda Esmonde-White
Type: Hardcover  
Release date: May 2019  
Published by: Harper Collins (US) 
Published by: Random House (CAN) 
Language: Available in English