Classical Stretch Season 12 - Aging Backwards®

$ 51.99 USD

Total run time: 690min. (4 discs) 
Episodes: 30 (23min. each) 
Components: All-Standing, All-Barre, Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor 
Level: Intermediate
Pace: Slow to Medium
Language: English

Available in closed captioning

Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards® uses simple science to help viewers take control of their aging process by moving every muscle in all directions, with a balance of mobility and strength. These gentle and dynamic exercises are safe while challenging, for every level of fitness.   Each of our muscle cells contains an abundance of mitochondria—microscopic furnaces responsible for burning calories, providing energy, and keeping you feeling and looking young. By moving every muscle, you activate and feed these furnaces—keeping them alive and healthy while preventing muscle atrophy.  One episode of Classical Stretch per day will keep your body feeling young, healthy, balanced and vibrant!

Release date: 2017 
Filmed at: Round Hill Hotel & Villas (Montego Bay, Jamaica) 

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