Pregnancy Workout DVD

$ 13.95 USD

Total run time: 1 workout (45min.)
Components: Standing, Floor & Barre
Hosts: Miranda Esmonde-White & Ileana Ripas
Language: English

This one-of-a-kind workout is rich in unique, helpful tips for all pregnant mothers-to-be. Note: Before starting this workout, please consult with your physician for approval.
Hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White and Essentrics Instructor, Ileana Ripas (who taught Essentrics classes until she was 8½ months pregnant)—these full body exercises are safe and gentle to do throughout your pregnancy as it will keep you in shape, make your delivery easier and help you rapidly return to your desired physique after delivery.

It will also help prevent much of the discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy, such as night cramps and difficulty walking.

Release date: 2012
Filmed at: Montreal Essentrics Flagship Studio

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