LEVEL 2 - Exam Correction Fee

$ 80.00 USD


Please select the submission option that is best for you.

Option 1: Recorded Exam $80
Option 2: Live in-person Exam $120

The live exam option is available in lieu of the video submission in select cities* for an in-person exam experience. You must receive approval and confirmation of date and time from the Teacher Training Department before selecting this option. 

*Select cities for live in-person exams: 
  • Amsterdam,  Netherlands
  • Boston, MA USA
  • Denver, CO USA
  • Grand Prairie, AB Canada
  • Great Falls, MT USA
  • Montreal, QC Canada
  • Toronto, ON Canada
  • Quebec City, QC Canada

Please email examsubmissions@essentrics.com for additional inquiries or to book your live in-person exam.

Good luck!
We look forward to welcoming you as a Certified Level 2 Essentrics® Instructor