The Miracle of Flexibility E-Course

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The Miracle of Flexibility e-course is the first of its kind! It was created to bring education to those who are interested in learning more about Essentrics and the inner workings of the human body. No previous flexibility or movement experience is required for this e-course – everyone is welcome to join!

Available exclusively in English/Disponible en anglais seulement


Anyone can access this product – enrolment in the Essentrics Instructor Certification Program is not required.

The new Essentrics book - The Miracle of Flexibility - is a requirement for the e-course; bundle it with your e-course purchase above.

A stable internet connection is required to access this online-only product. We recommend viewing the e-course on a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience.


Designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Essentrics and feel good in their body! Whether you are starting with no prior movement experience or are looking to further enhance your flexibility and range of motion, this is the course for you. 


With Essentrics Creator Miranda Esmonde-White and Essentrics Master Trainer Amanda Cyr


  • A better understanding of optimal mobility and a balanced body
  • Knowledge about flexibility and dynamic stretching
  • Anatomy basics; the roles of our joints, muscles, and connective tissue
  • The negative impacts of poor posture and why posture is important
  • Basic Essentrics concepts and the science behind the program
  • Practical lessons to help you do Essentrics exercises and routines properly

Demographic: All
Pace: At your own pace
Released: 2024


Module 1. Introduction to the Miracle of Flexibility E-Course

  • Welcome and what to expect from this course

Module 2. Balanced or Imbalanced? Discover Your Body's Story

  • Discovering your body’s story with the Action Plan Workbook

Module 3. Discover Your Anatomy & Learn About Posture

  • Anatomy, Posture & the Musculoskeletal Trifecta
  • Analyzing Your Joints & Clean Alignment
  • Basic Essentrics Positions & Posture Breakdown
  • The Importance of Your Feet - Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White

Module 4. Redefining Flexibility & Stretching

  • Redefining Flexibility
  • Essentrics® Techniques for Building Flexibility
  • Learn about Connective Tissue from Health Experts
  • Rebalance Your Connective Tissue - with Miranda Esmonde-White

Module 5. The Basics of Essentrics®

  • The Basics of an Essentrics® Workout
  • Using Equipment to Maximize Your Results
  • How To Do Your Essentrics Warm-Up

Module 6. Connect the Dots & Spark Transformation

  • Connect the Dots & Spark Transformation
  • The Power of Moving Daily: A Message from Miranda

Workout Routines & Materials

  • Routine 1 - Beginner Flexibility (20 mins) - with Amanda Cyr
  • Routine 2 - Stimulate Your Brain (20 mins) - with Miranda Esmonde-White
  • Downloadable Workbook


Miranda Esmonde-White
Creator, president and co-founder of Essentrics
Essentrics TV workout host

Miranda Esmonde-White is a leading expert in healthy aging, sports injury prevention, and pain-free living. Best known for her PBS fitness series, Classical Stretch, since 1999, she's a former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada. Esmonde-White created the Essentrics technique, combining low-intensity strengthening and stretching exercises for pain relief, injury prevention, and toning. Based in Montreal, she works with athletes, celebrities, and teaches worldwide. Author of Aging Backwards and Forever Painless, both New York Times bestsellers, which also inspired award-winning PBS docuseries.

Amanda Cyr
Essentrics Master Trainer
Essentrics TV workout host

Amanda Cyr began teaching Essentrics in 2013 and joined the Teacher Training department at the Essentrics Head Office in 2015, where her role is focused on expanding and developing the Essentrics program. Working closely with Miranda Esmonde-White and the instructor community, Amanda organizes retreats, workshops, and live teacher trainings. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University, Amanda's passion for the human body guides her work. By sharing the Essentrics technique, Amanda is devoted to redefining the true meaning of fitness and helping people experience what it feels like to be healthy and happy in their bodies.