Sculpt & Tone Bundle

Total run time: 805 min. (6 discs)
Components:  Standing, Floor, and Barre
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Pace: Medium to Fast
Language: English 

**Please note this product this only available for shipping within the United States and Canada**

Know someone active who loves discovering new ways to exercise? Our workouts are designed for results - by incorporating a wide range of full body movements to increase strength, improve flexibility and mobility, burn calories, and boost energy.   

This DVD Bundle includes the following: 

Essentrics Full Body Toning

This dynamic workout is based on one of our most popular routines—a must-have for all Essentrics fans! Full Body Toning combines both floor and standing exercises to tone, stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body. 
Often the first workout taught in a live class by newly certified Essentrics instructors—it will provide instant and long-lasting results by rebalancing the entire body, increasing flexibility and mobility and improving posture.

Essentrics Class of 2012

This full body workout provides the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for a lean and agile body. The dynamic Essentrics exercises will help thin your waist, legs and thighs, tone your abs, and transform your posture while increasing overall flexibility.

Classical Stretch Season 10

A combination of strong and flexible muscles gives us mobility. Without either, we cannot walk, sit, run, or dress ourselves—since all of these movements require full mobility.
In this series of Classical Stretch,  a focus is placed on simultaneously strengthening and increasing flexibility to give you strong and lean muscles, as well as improved balance and mobility.
The Strengthening workouts will tone your muscles, help with weight-loss, improve your posture, and help to reverse and prevent osteoporosis.
The Flexibility workouts will help with pain-relief, arthritis, healing, stress relief, back pain, surgery recovery, rehabilitation, and fibromyalgia.
Each episode of Season 10 works the full body and will leave you feeling energized, rebalanced and youthful!